About Us

Back in 2006, Misty and Connie realized people’s lives were getting busier and busier, creating a gap between people’s available time and the desire to cook up something tasty. It was at this point in time that this mother-daughter duo created Spicy Chicks Gourmet!

How Spicy Chicks Was Started

As it’s been said, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Misty (the daughter) has had a passion for food and tasty treats for as long as she can recall.

“I can still remember sitting in front of the TV before Sunday school and shouting out “Just 5 more minutes, Mom!” because I couldn’t get enough of Justin Wilson and Julia Child.” Misty says.

Connie (the mother) has always been the chef in the family and the one to host the family cookouts and holidays. When the opportunity presented itself, Connie jumped at the chance to work with her youngest daughter to create tasty recipes for everyone to enjoy. Since the launch of Spicy Chicks Gourmet back in 2006, this mother-daughter duo has enjoyed surrounding themselves with fun and great people at craft shows all while influencing others to bring great cooking back home. A simple joy has been rekindled because of this business.

Misty grew up eating home cooked meals surrounded by family, which has set a precedence for taste and quality that is simply impossible to find in a fast food restaurant or with drive-through convenience today. By mixing convenience and great tastes, Spicy Chicks Gourmet has found a way to help the busiest of people prepare delicious food for themselves and their families. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the busy bee’s life a little easier. How? With our simple, quick recipes! You see, everyone lives such busy lives that sometimes it’s hard to slow down. Picking up prepared food often seems like the best option, but Spicy Chicks Gourmet is here to show you otherwise! We provide a variety of chip/veggie dips, seasonings to make your flavored oils, simple dessert mixes, pickling spices and BBQ rubs. Our products are simple to use with easy directions on the back of the package, and they also come with easy recipe ideas to really “WOW” your guests.

Most of the time, seasoning the food is the hardest part about cooking, and takes up more time than you think, which is why so many people have chosen fast food and prepared food options. Spicy Chicks Gourmet resolves that issue and allows you to whip something up that everyone will love – even the pickiest of eaters!

At the end of the day, Spicy Chicks Gourmet is just two chicks selling spices for everyone to love. Browse our website to find a recipe you can impress all your guests with, follow our social media to stay up to date with all the latest news and information, and read our blogs to learn more about our story and how you can use our recipes in your kitchen!