Reasons to Raise Funds with Spicy Chicks…

1- Profit Margin
: $2.25 (45%) per $5.00 package of dip mix Sold!

2- Easy & Convenient: product individually bagged for customer

3- Inexpensive: Support Starts at $5.00

4- Versatile: serving suggestion & recipe ideas available 

100 kids sell 20 packages each = 2,000 packages
2,000 x $2.25 (organizations’ profit per package) =

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Here’s how it works

No investment Required!...Full payment of total organization sales due, payable to Spicy Chicks, upon delivery of product.

▪ Members presale dips to family, friends, neighbors & co-workers of parents.
- $5.00 per dip mix package
- Customers pay for their preordered dip mix at time of order

Products Delivered to Organization individually bagged in Red Bags with Customers name on it, thus making delivery a snap.

Orders will be Filled & Delivered to Organization approximately 2 weeks after orders are Received by Spicy Chicks. 
- *If Shipping is required, Organization Running the Fundraiser is responsible for shipping fees.
- Upon Delivery to Organization, selling members simply deliver the preordered packages to their corresponding customers.

Organization receives profit immediately!
- Selling members collect $5.00/pkg & organization keeps $2.25/pkg
- Selling members turn in all received payments to Organization along with order form.

Organization simply writes 1 (one) check to Spicy Chicks
- Check due at time of delivery of dips to organization
- $2.75/pkg of preordered and delivered products

Order forms are provided for each selling member
- Any unused brochures should be returned to Spicy Chicks or a fee of $0.30/brochure will be charged to the organization running the fundraiser.