Dessert Advocates

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This Bundle is For the People who Look at the Dessert Menu First!  You Know Who You Are, You Leave Room for Dessert. 

We Put Together a Variety of Our Most Popular Dessert Mixes with Emphasis on Holiday Flavors.  You’ll be Surprised How Robust These Little Bags of Seasoning Are! 

Blend the Seasoning Mix with Cream and Cool Whip, and you have one Tasty Fruit Dip; or Drop the Prepared Blend into a Gram Cracker Pie Shell for a No-Bake Cheesecake.  Spread it on Cupcakes or a Sheet Cake for a Lighter Icing. 

Blend the Seasoning Mix with 2 Blocks of Cream Cheese for Homemade Bagel Spread. 

Save Time: Dessert Blends Last in the Freezer for 4-5 Months, After Prepared.

1 package - Apple Pie – Dessert Mix
1 package - Chocolate Mousse -- Dessert Mix
1 package – Gingerbread -- Dessert Mix
1 package - New York Cheesecake -- Dessert Mix
1 package – Pumpkin -- Dessert Mix
1 package - Mocha Latte -- Dessert Mix
1 package - Vanilla Burbon -- Dessert Mix