Describe your life – we have a flavor for that!

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Describe your life – we have a flavor for that!

We have SO much fun here at Spicy Chicks playing with different flavors! One day, we started telling life stories with some of our favorite spice mixes and realized that we were onto something! We realized that we have flavor combinations for every stage in life and every occasion. Read on, and you’ll soon see exactly what we’re talking about!

The new cook in the kitchen

As a new cook still learning, it’s best to play it safe as you learn more about how flavors will complement each other. Stick with the old-time favorites that never disappoint!

As you build confidence, we fully expect you to expand and work your way through the rest of this article, so get cracking!

The busy parent

Kids like what kids like, so we have flavors that they cannot resist, even at the end of a veggie. Dips are a great way to entice them to eat more vegetables.

I’ve seen a toddler eat blanched asparagus with ranch dip at the end. Never say never, we always say! Keep an eye on those little stinkers, though, making sure they aren’t sucking the dip right off of the veggies and putting them back on the plate. It’s that good, and they are that clever!

The entertainer

When hosting any party, you can call for pot luck, but even with pot luck, you need some insurance. Play around with these flavors for some fabulous anchors to the party.

Party tip – when you start inviting people for a pot luck, prime their imagination with disclosing what you will be making so they can bring something to complement to the flavors. I’ve also not been shy about assigning dishes if some of my friends are particularly gifted in the kitchen.

The gourmet foodie

You enjoy the finer things in life, and you’re not ashamed to admit it, either. You don’t need any gathering of friends as an excuse to treat yourself. Every meal is a masterpiece.

Pro-tip – you might as well get two or more of the Roasted Garlic & Herb olive oil blend. It’s that good, and you will find a million ways to use it in no time. Keep the Vanilla Bourbon dessert mix hidden away from all of those who have no appreciation of the finer things.

The culinary scientist and experimenter

You fear nothing in the kitchen and get excited over new ideas and flavors, instantly scheming over what you will cook with them next? These flavors are ALL YOU!

I know you won’t stop here. In fact, I’d bet money you’ve already started mixing some of the blends above and gotten bold and downright scary to the novice in the kitchen. Make no apologies, in any case.

Keep it spicy!

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