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I don’t know about you, but I have been counting down the days to cooler temperatures and now that fall has finally arrived, I am all about pumpkin this and pumpkin that. Anything festive, I am here for it! As I decorate around the house for the fall season, it only makes sense that I have some seasonal flavors to go with it. Whether you are cooking for you and your family, your children’s friends, or others, I’d like to share a few simple but tasty recipes that everyone will love!  Pumpkin Cupcakes Who doesn’t love a yummy pumpkin dessert?...

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We have SO much fun here at Spicy Chicks playing with different flavors! One day, we started telling life stories with some of our favorite spice mixes and realized that we were onto something! We realized that we have flavor combinations for every stage in life and every occasion. Read on, and you’ll soon see exactly what we’re talking about! The new cook in the kitchen As a new cook still learning, it’s best to play it safe as you learn more about how flavors will complement each other. Stick with the old-time favorites that never disappoint! Spinach Parmesan -...

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By no means are we trying to convince you to switch to a vegan diet, but slowly working in vegan recipes into your diet can help reduce cholesterol levels and additionally provide you with other supplements that you may not otherwise be getting.

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