Picking the Best BBQ Rubs for Grilling Season

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Picking the Best BBQ Rubs for Grilling Season

As July rolls around, so does grilling season. Once the Fourth of July passes, it can seem like you use your grill every other day of the week! There are summer BBQs, birthday parties, get-togethers and so much more that we use our grills for as we host summer events.

If you have a grill, but don’t use it as much as you’d like to, you are really missing out. Grilling is not only fun (and an excuse to get outside,) but it adds incredible flavor that a stove-top, oven or microwave can’t compete with. The secret to a flavorful grilled meal that everyone will love? A good spice rub. BBQ rubs require particular expertise when it comes to knowing what to add, so that’s why Spicy Chicks Gourmet has made it easy for everyone. We offer pre-made BBQ rubs, so all you have to do is add it to your meal! These rubs will save you time and money, and you can expect all your guests to be licking their fingers and plates by the end.

How to Use BBQ Rubs


When it comes to grilling out, most people turn to steaks, burgers, or hot dogs. Have you ever considered grilling ribs for your guests? Some people are intimidated by making ribs because it can be difficult to cook them right. However, grilling ribs is actually quite simple. The secret is to cook low and slow. Before you throw the ribs on the grill, all you need is a good rub. Our Southern Style BBQ rub is excellent on ribs. Cover the meat in this rub and cook low and slow, and you will have a BBQ everyone will enjoy. The Southern Style BBQ rub is also perfect for grilled chicken wings.


If you are looking for a twist to your chicken and vegetable dinner, our Smokehouse Coffee rub will be exciting and very much welcomed by all your dinner guests. This comfortable yet bold bite toned down with zesty orange adds a flavorful kick to chicken breasts. We recommend some sautéed veggies sprinkled with this rub. It can also be used on burgers to create another delicious dish.

Jamaican Jerk rubs are very popular but can be tricky to make on your own. Our Jamaican Jerk BBQ rub is a seasoning that will be favored by almost everyone- even the pickiest eaters. This sweet, hot, and spicy seasoning blend is great for chicken wings. Simply spread the rub over the meat or if the mix is a bit too spicy for you, add some coconut milk to tone it down a bit. Your guests will be begging for the secret to this finger-licking-good recipe.

BBQ rubs are a great way to add flavor to any meat or vegetable dish. Spicy Chicks Gourmet has all the rubs you need to make cooking simple, quick, and tasty. If you are hosting a dinner party this summer or any sort of event, ditch the take-out, hit the grill with these rubs, and really impress your guests. To learn more quick and easy recipes with the use of spices, stay up to date on our upcoming blogs, or visit our website.

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